So you wanna know me?

Who am I? Million dollar question… what do I do here? If I knew, I'd probably be somewhere else. Where am I from? I guess you could call me a citizen of the world … belong everywhere, nowhere…

It is not going to be fun if I drag this any further. Ok here I go I am Goutham and you sure know that, I am currently in Cincinnati working for  Cincinnati Bell (A Broadwing Company) Cincinnati. I did my masters at the University Of Akron at Akron Akron Ohio

Well my hobbies......let me think...ya.....i m a criminal......i kill time. I like to do so. People come to me if they want to do so with their time. Well i like movies, music, net surfing , roaming, gossips and all that time killing stuffs you can ever imagine

Finally, I  appreciate your patience to go through the whole page. Chal, I have to be moving now